Salesforce | Set CreatedDate for s-object records in test class

| By Webner

In some cases, we need to set CreatedDate for records.

setCreatedDate() method can be used to set CreatedDate for records.

For Example : Set createddate for a contact in test class

Contact con = new Contact()
insert  con;
Test.setCreatedDate(con.Id, datetime.newInstance(2014, 9, 15, 12, 30, 0)

//After setCreatedDate method you can requery to check created date

Contact cont = [Select Id,Name,CreatedDate From Contact Where Id=:con.Id];
System.Debug(‘Created date=>’+cont.CreatedDate);//output:.CreatedDate=>2014-09-15 17:30:00

Note : Please make sure setCreateDate() method is called before Test.start method.

Don’t use seeAllData=true. setCreateDate() does not work with seeAllData=true.

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