Limits for Standard and Custom Salesforce Objects Usage Per Org

Author - Navdeep Kaur

Limits for Standard and Custom Salesforce Objects Usage Per Org

In salesforce we deal with two types of Objects –
– Standard Object and
– Custom Object

And each of these has its own limits on using its fields and other associated elements.

Limit on number of Salesforce Objects:

The total number of Standard Objects are 399 and the Custom Object count depends on the Salesforce edition that is,

1. Group edition – 50
2. Professional Edition – 50
3. Enterprise Edition – 200
4. Unlimited Edition – 2000

Limits on different items associated with Salesforce Objects:

While designing the architecture of any project, the developers should keep in mind the limits as mentioned in the table below on different items associated with both type of objects while structuring the database.

Item Standard Object Custom Object
Custom Fields 500 100 for group edition,100 for Professional Edition,500 for Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition
Rollup Summary Fields 25 Default 10 to 25 maximum 40
Custom Relationship Fields 40 40
Active Workflow Rules 50 50
Total Workflow Rules 500 300 increase upto 500
Approval Processes 500 300 increase upto 500
Active Lookup Filters 5 5
Active Validation Rules 100 100 for Professional Edition and 500 for Unlimited Edition
VLOOKUP Functions 10 10
Sharing Rules (Both Owner- and Criteria-based) 300 300
Sharing Rules (Criteria-based Only) 50 50
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