Responsive DevExtreme Grid Toolbar

Author - Varun Chopra

Introduction – Responsive DevExtreme Grid Toolbar

DevExtreme is a powerful web development framework with a vast array of data presenting and formatting capabilities. It is developed by DevExpress to make responsive and platform independent application. DevExtreme makes the web development swift and easy with its rich features Read more…

Customized multi row selection in Devextreme Datagrid

Author - Harleen Kaur

Customized multiple row selections in Devextreme Datagrid with dxRadiogroup as a Custom Column Field

I am using Devextreme jquery datagrid with paging options implemented that involves setting permissions for user. The target here is to update the datasource and dxRadiogroup values when multiple rows are selected Read more…

Drag and Drop in Jquery UI

Author - Harpal Singh

Drag and Drop in Jquery UI

Problem: Jquery UI provides APIs to make DOM elements draggable and droppable. We can do some things out of the box by using its APIs. I have written a Jquery code below in which a dragging div can Read more…