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IT support has become important for every business company, no matter what is the size of business. Some companies do not tie up with any IT company for maintaining their IT infrastructure as they feel they can take care of it themselves (or with a little help from but when there is sudden breakdown and are unable to come up with immediate solution, they are forced to call for some unknown IT support who may or may not give the desired solution on time. This scenario is completely different if a company has partnered with IT company who takes care of their IT infrastructure. Moreover having an IT support company is also beneficial as the IT guys are well aware of your system (both hardware and software) and provide the best solution. Having skilled IT professionals to look after IT infrastructure provides peace of mind to companies and they can solely focus on their business.

Webner Solutions is offering a range of IT support plans to any organization that needs assistance in maintaining their IT infrastructure. We treat our clients with utmost attention and care and give best possible solutions. We have got experienced IT professionals who have tackled and solved various type of problems. Our support plans are categorized into BASIC, REGULAR and PREMIUM depending upon your company requirements and size.

Some of the services we offer are :

1. Windows Administration

2. Technical Guidance

3. Linux Administration

4. Database Administration.

5. Server Monitoring Configuration

6. Bug Fixes in Code.

For complete information about our support plan, refer to the table below

List of all the features with plans

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Feature Basic Regular Premium
Max Support Hours (per month) 5 20 40
Technical Guidance yes yes yes
Windows Administration no yes yes
Linux Administration no yes yes
Database Administration no yes yes
Web server security no yes yes
Server Monitoring Configuration no yes yes
Manual Software Testing no yes yes
Data/Files Parsing and Import/Export no yes yes
Research on Internet on given topics no yes yes
Technical Writing / Documentation no yes yes
Image Design no yes yes
Software Test Automation (Selenium/QTP/Badboy scripting) no no yes
Bug Fixes in Code no no yes
New Feature Development (Web, CRM, Mobile, Databases) no no yes
Carry forward hours to next month no no yes
Top Up Hours price $25 per hour $20 per hour $18 per hour
Price Per Month Free US $399 US $529
Price Per Year Free Pay for 11 months, 1 month free Pay for 11 months, 1 month free

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