Salesforce | Show Email sent from Salesforce in activity history

| By Webner

Problem : How to show Email sent from Salesforce in activity history of an object

Solution : Here are the steps :

1. Set WhatId

2. Make SaveAsActivity true

Code Sample:

Messaging.SingleEmailMessage emailTobeSent = new   Messaging.SingleEmailMessage(); 
List ToAddress = new List();      
emailTobeSent.setHtmlBody('Please see the attachments');
emailTobeSent.setWhatid(RecordId);//Put the record id of record for which you want make activity history in place of RecordId.
emailTobeSent.setSaveAsActivity(true); //
Messaging.SendEmailResult [] r1 = Messaging.sendEmail(new Messaging.SingleEmailMessage[] {emailTobeSent});

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