How to add new custom HTML pages in Totara/Moodle

| By Webner

Totara / moodle does not have the default feature to add custom HTML pages and display on the site. But we can achieve this by installing a plugin:

“General plugins (Local): Static Pages”

Steps to install and use this plugin in Totara:

1. Install the plugin like any other plugin to a folder /local/static page.

2. Both totara version and plugin version should be same.

3. After installing this plugin you can check plugin setting like this:

4. During installation, you can set your custom document directory.

5. Document list will show all your HTML document loaded in document directory:

6. If you want to include images into your static page, you have to upload them somewhere else. local_staticpage is not capable of hosting / serving image files:

For any custom styling of page you can write your custom CSS in <style></style> tag.

7. You can run these pages in the browser like this:


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