Salesforce: Save docusign (PowerForms) FormData in Salesforce

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Problem: Get data filled by user from docusign FormData and pass it into Salesforce.

Description: We have docusign account integrated with Salesforce account. We want to use the functionality of power forms of docusign and get all the data filled by user in power form back to the salesforce.

In docusign we create powerforms using a docusign template. Upon creation of power form docusign provides us a web url and we send this url to the client. When the client opens the url, it asks for some information like name and email. Upon filing that information the actual form will open where he can fill the data.

When the user fills the actual form and clicks finish button, we want all the filled data to be saved in Salesforce.

Solution: Docusign has a special feature through which we can fire a trigger upon particular event.

In our situation we have set the trigger on completing the form. Basically, in this trigger we can call external address where docusign sends the xml file containing information of the completed document.

Steps to achieve this:

1. Open Docusign account.

2. Click on Go to Admin:


3. Click on Connect:


4. On the Connect Configurations page, click CONNECT CONFIGURATION or ADD CONFIGURATION and select Custom. An account can have a maximum of 300 Connect configurations.

5. Give name and endpoint url.

6. Select the trigger event.There are two categories of trigger events – Document Events and Recipient Events. The difference between document events and recipient events is that document events are only triggered when the document status changes, while recipient events are triggered each time information for a recipient changes.

Document Event Trigger Descriptions:

* Document Sent
* Document Delivered
* Document Signed/Completed Document Declined
* Document Voided

Recipient Event Descriptions:

* Recipient Sent
* Recipient Delivery Failed
* Recipient Delivered
* Recipient Signed/Completed
* Recipient Declined
* Recipient Authentication Failed

7. You can also select which type of information you want to send in your xml. There are following options:

a. Document PDFs
b. Certificate of Completion
c. Time Zone Information
d. Document Voided Reason
e. Recipient Signed/Completed.
f. Sender Account as Custom Field
g. Document Fields

8. In our case we have selected Recipient Signed/Completed.

Now every time the particular event occurred, Docusign will send xml to endpoint where you can get that xml and process it according to your requirement.

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