Salesforce | How to recover data deleted by mistake

| By Webner

Salesforce provides facility to create multiple copies of organization’s data in different environments for testing and training purpose without affecting the original data. Sandboxes are of three types – Configuration Only Sandbox, Developer Sandbox, Full Sandbox. Configuration only Sandbox is a read only sandbox containing objects, reports, dashboards etc having 500MB data limit and cannot be used for coding. Developer Sandbox is used at individual level for testing and coding purposes only. The maximum data limit in this type is 10MB. Full Sandbox as the name says, is a full copy of original data. There might be some instances where you accidently refresh the sandbox which results in deletion of data and coding. However, you can retrieve your lost data back into your sandbox by following some basic steps.

To retrieve your deleted data, generate a case form from Salesforce “help and training center”, write in detail that you have accidentally refreshed your Sandbox and you do not have backup of the data. Mention it as “high priority” so that your case can be attended quickly. After you submit the case form an auto-generated email is sent by Salesforce mentioning that they have received your case form. After that Salesforce goes through your case and restores your Sandbox with all the data.The important point to remember is you need to send the request within 48 hours after refreshing the sandbox otherwise your data will be deleted from Salesforce’s database as well.

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