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Authorization Error after successful login from mobile in salesforce connected app

When a user requests their Salesforce data from within the external application (the consumer’s page), the user must be authenticated by Salesforce.
After login into the native salesforce mobile app using the Oauth login app gives an error of OAUTH_APPROVAL_ERROR_GENERIC which means our SDK cannot authorize the credentials and cannot generate the access token for the app.



Reason: This error may occur due to mis-configuration of the Connected App in your salesforce org. When we create a connected app in salesforce we have to configure API (Enable OAuth Settings) with the callback url, refresh token policy and the OAuth scopes. If we have not met the basic required configuration for our connected app then above Error will be returned.

Solution: Check your callback url and the basic required scope parameters. The scopes required will vary for the app, but at a minimum we need these 3. In case we miss any one of these three scopes the above error will occur:

Access and manage you data (api)
Perform requests on your behalf (refresh token, offline_access)
Provide access to your data (web)


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