Salesforce | Missing organization feature : StateCountryPicklist not present

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Missing organization feature: StateCountryPicklist not present

Salesforce StateCountryPicklist

Task to perform : I was trying to upload a package in a fresh salesforce org. When I tried to deploy it, it threw an exception “Missing organization feature : StateCountryPicklist not present”.

1. Go to Setup.
2. Search for Data Management in Quick find box.
Salesforce StateCountryPicklist

Click on State and Country/Territory Picklists (highlighted in above screenshot ).
Below screen will appear :
Salesforce StateCountryPicklist

Follow all the steps one by one.
Step 1: Click on configure states and territories. You will see below screen.
Salesforce StateCountryPicklist

Select the state where this salesforce server belongs to.
Save and move to second step.

Step 2: Scan your organization for state and country/territory data. On clicking this link, you will be navigated to below page:
Salesforce StateCountryPicklist

Click on Scan. Go back and follow the next step.

Step 3: Map existing state and country/territory data in your records to standardized picklist values. See below :
Salesforce StateCountryPicklist

Map all the state/territory values accordingly.
Once finished, on going back to the main page you will be able to access the Enable button. Click on it. State/Territory pick list will get enabled.
Now you can resume your package deployment. It will get uploaded with no error.

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