Salesforce | Editing a task assigned to another user by task owner

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Problem: Task owner was not able to edit the task which is assigned to other user. I have a situation where a system admin assigns a standard user as an owner of the lead.

Like in my case Abc is system admin who assigns John as lead owner of a lead. There is a workflow that creates a new task on the particular status field say Quote Status and new task is assigned to another user say, Jimmy.

Now the task is assigned to Jimmy but created by lead owner John. But here John is not able to edit the task. Following is the error:
I have searched it and found I have to give some extra permission to the standard user so that they are able to edit the tasks which are assigned to some other user.

To solve this problem follow these steps:

1. Write Profiles in the quick find box.
2. Click on the profile of that user who is facing this error.
3. Check if Modify All Data Checkbox is checked under administrative Permission section.
4. If it is not checked then create a new permission set.
5. Write Permission set in the quick find box.
6. Click on new
7. Give a name to the permission set.
8. Click on System Permissions under System section.
9. Click on edit.
10. Find the Modify All Data Checkbox under administrative Permission section and check the check box.
11. Click on save.
12. Click on Manage assignments.
13. Select the user who is facing the problem and it is done.
14. Test it by editing the task and now you can edit the task successfully.

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