Add buttons to ACORD forms, submit ACORD form to a webservice

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ACORD pdf forms are editable. We can not only fill data in existing input elements but also add more elements (like new buttons and fields) in the forms and invoke actions to submit data from pdf to an external URL.

In the example below we have an ACORD PDF in which “Save Entered Data” button is present. On click of this button, we want to send input values to a PHP program which will receive the information submitted, save it into a new ACORD pdf and finally write this information as text into a file.

Solution :

On Button “Save Entered Data” Acord PDF data is posted to PHP file with this code in the pdf:

var webURI = "YourUrl/post.php”;
this.submitForm({cURL: encodeURI(webURI), cSubmitAs:"PDF", cCharSet:"utf-8"})})()

Here is the PHP code :

//receive submitted values
$AcordConttent = file_get_contents("php://input");
$NewAcordPDF = 'C:\\Acord\\NewAcordPDF.pdf';
//save into a new acord pdf
file_put_contents($AcordConttent , $NewAcordPDF);
//dump data into a text file 
$str1 = '"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\PDFtk\\bin\\pdftk" "C:\\Acord\\NewAcordPDF.pdf"  dump_data_fields_utf8 > "Sample.txt"';
// Command to dump form fields with values in text.

Output in Text File :

FieldType: Text
FieldName: Form_EditionIdentifier_A
FieldNameAlt: The edition identifier of the form including the form number and edition (the date is typically formatted YYYY/MM).
FieldFlags: 1
FieldValueDefault: ACORD xxxxx xxxxxx Acroform
FieldJustification: Left
FieldType: Text
FieldName: Form_CompletionDate_A
FieldNameAlt: Enter date: The date on which the form is completed.  (MM/DD/YYYY) 
FieldFlags: 8442322
FieldValue: 03/16/2016
FieldJustification: Center
FieldMaxLength: 10
FieldType: Text
FieldName: Producer_FullName_A
FieldNameAlt: Enter text: The full name of the producer / agency. 
FieldFlags: 8442322
FieldValue: Test Company
FieldJustification: Left
FieldType: Text
FieldName: Producer_MailingAddress_LineOne_A
FieldNameAlt: Enter text: The mailing address line one of the producer / agency. 
FieldFlags: 8442322
FieldValue: 6652 N Bayshine Road
Suite B55612
FieldJustification: Left

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