Open Send Email form on Custom Button click in Salesforce

Author - Anjana Devi

In Salesforce, how to open standard ‘send email page’ by clicking a custom button located on Detail Page of a custom/standard Object?

Steps to open an Email Page from Custom Button:
1. Add a custom button first. Go to Custom Object settings, Then Click New button and link.
2 Read more…

Read Word document using Apache POI (Java)

Author - Sahil Bhalla

Read Word document using Apache POI (Java) :

To read any document (.doc or .docx) or excel document in java, there are several libraries but Apache POI is pretty good. Using this library we can read word documents line by line.

Required Jar files:

Poi Read more…

Create animated hover effect without Using jqueryUI

Author - Kuldeep Singh

We can add animated hover effect using css and html also. See example below:

 Create simple html code like this:

<div class=”co-sm-12 blog-categories”>
<li><a href=”#”&gt Read more…

Move elements between Multi-select lists in Jquery

Author - Ishpreet Kaur

There are a lot of jQuery plugins available on the internet to perform operations on Two Multi-select lists including moving elements between these lists (left to right or right to left). These plugins have the capability of advanced operations also (like search filters) and accordingly their code files become Read more…

Client Side dependency management with Bower

Author - Rita Sharma

Build tools like maven, ant etc are used to download project’s dependent jar libraries required in web application development environment. But what about client-side dependencies like jquery, bootstrap, fonts, css, angular js etc. They are front-end dependencies which we have to download manually before using in projects Read more…

Mysql access denied error for user root@localhost in XAMPP

Author - Navneet Kashyap

Problem: Mysql access denied error for user root@localhost when using in XAMPP server (windows) even when credentials are correct.

Solution: Actually the problem is not in code, the issue is that by-default mysql in xampp allowed passwordless authentication in mysql, so we have to Read more…

GrapeJS | Not working in Safari and local storage problem

Author - Umang Pasricha

How to resolve following GrapesJS editor issues:

1. GrapesJS not working in Safari web browser
2. Local Storage exceeding issue

GrapesJS not working on Safari web browser:

When the editor is opened in Safari, we see nothing only a blank page with this error in console Read more…

In Laravel how to redirect to 404 page on accessing post route

Author - Dalbir Kaur

In Laravel, when a user directly accesses a post route then an exception page is shown. How to show a 404 page instead?

To fix this issue :

Firstly, you need to create an error page in view folder of your project like 404.blade.php and Read more…

Short introduction to google analytics

Author - Gopi Chand

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service offered by google that tracks and reports website traffic. The service is available to anyone with a Google account.

Why every website owner needs Google Analytics: These are some statistics that you can collect with Google Read more…

PHP | Show star rating (empty or filled stars)

Author - Komal Dhiman

Sometimes situation arises when we have to show the ratings on our site like user rating of all the products available on our site. Then we have to first get the rating from where we have it like sometimes it may be from the third party etc. Once we have Read more…

Few key points for good SEO revisited

Author - Sukhpreet Singh

There are number of things that you should follow to improve SEO for your web pages and site ranking, some of which are listed below for a sample webpage that covers Tutorial for Javascript:

1. Make a separate page which includes the searched keyword. In our case “Tutorial for javascript Read more…

What is P & C insurance?

Author - Webner

Property and Casualty insurance (or P & C as it is usually called), are the types of insurance that cover the following:

Property – Property insurance protects the insured against financial consequences of damage to the property of every kind that is insured like building, automobile, marine etc.

Casualty – Casualty insurance Read more…

Display remotely hosted HTML content as SCORM

Author - Pawandeep Kaur

How to display remotely hosted HTML content as SCORM package in Moodle, Totara or any other LMS?

SCORM requires the content to be served from the same domain as the SCORM player or the Learning Management System (like Moodle, Totara) in use otherwise it Read more…

Open specific local Outlook window from .msg file

Author - Harleen Kaur

C# : Triggering the Local Outlook for forward, reply and reply all actions from existing .msg file

For the desktop based applications when user is dealing with the store outlook files in msg format we can open local outlook when required.

In outlook when we open a email message Read more…

Problem – First submenu item same as main menu in WordPress

Author - Mamta Sharma

While implementing a custom plugin in wordpress, we can simply add submenu items for our plugin by this code:
public function PluginMenu()
$this->my_plugin_screen_name = add_menu_page(
‘My Reviews’,
‘My Reviews’,
array($this, ‘RenderPage’),
But in wordpress, if we add any submenu items to the plugin Read more…

Deductible, Elimination Period (Waiting Period) and Coinsurance

Author - Webner

Suppose someone has a medical insurance policy from an insurer. He visits hospital and bill is of $25. He claims it from the insurance company. Company pays but they incur $400 on the formalities (paperwork for example) to grant $25. Hence it costs the company $425. From where these $400 Read more…

Golden rules for programmers to write good code

Author - Mamta Sharma

Why we need to code properly because a well written code not only does its job well but is also easy to extend, maintain and debug. So here are some key points:

 1. Follow a consistent coding standard:

There are a lot of coding standards, follow one of Read more…

Adding Custom Fields to User Profile in WordPress

Author - Komal Dhiman

In WordPress, each user profile has many fields like first name,last name, website url etc which are almost sufficient to get the user information. We also have the user’s contact info like his email address but still sometimes situation arises when we need some extra information from the Read more…

Importance of testing in production after deployment

Author - Naman Gupta

When we deploy an application from staging / testing server to live /  production environment, tester needs to test the application again in production environment no matter if he has already tested the whole application in staging environment.

Why there is a need to do testing in production environment? Some reasons Read more…

Check if a Section or Activity is accessible to user in Moodle

Author - Kritika Sood

In Moodle a course can have multiple sections and each section can have multiple activities in it. Moodle provides access restrictions feature in course in which we can impose some restrictions to section or activity based on date, completion, group ,score etc. If a user does not satisfy the required Read more…

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