MuleStudio – No option to Create New Mule Project

| By Webner

installed MuleStudio community edition on Ubuntu 11.04. MuleStudio was starting but showed no option to create new Mule Project. Since I have multiple versions of JDK installed, so before starting mule studio I was explicitly exporting JAVA_HOME to point to JDK 1.6 in same terminal window from which muleStudio was being started. But it was not making any difference.

After long struggle I finally figured out that Mule was ignoring JAVA_HOME exported on command line. Instead it always went into .bashrc to pick JAVA_HOME defined there (which was pointing to JDK 1.5 in my case). Once I changed JAVA_HOME in .bashrc, everything stated working as expected.

Update on next day…..

I tested again by NOT SETTING JAVA_HOME correctly, but set PATH properly (to point to jdk 1.6 bin). MuleStudio works fine in this case. That means MuleStudio does not look at JAVA_HOME value (at least for starting-up correctly).

But I guess it should go through JAVA_HOME to find JDK executables (like $JAVA_HOME/bin/java instead of direct java or may be there’s a configurable file with Mule to define JAVA_HOME and PATH only for Mule, need to look more)

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