jQuery Datatables | Reloading data after filter values are changed

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Suppose there are two filters on the screen:

Date from
Date to

We need to reload data of Jquery datatable based on changed filter values.
“ Datatable “ plugin for jQuery needs to be called by including AJAX call as shown below :

Suppose id of the button on which we have to apply the filters is “showRecord”.

Click function needs to be called using jQuery :


Here’s the rest of the code for table update:

var table = $('#example').DataTable(
"loadingRecords": "Please wait - loading... "
"url": "strutsActionName.action",
"data":function (data)
cache : false

"type": "POST",
"processing": true,
"serverSide": false,
"data": "columnName"
"data": "columnName"
"searchable" :true,
"ordering" :true,
paging :true ,
"scrollY": "500px",
"scrollCollapse": true,
"dom": '<"top"if>t<"bottom"rlp><"clear">'

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