Introduction to RSS feed and Its Benefits

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Introduction to RSS feed and Its Benefits

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It’s the technology that thousands of internet users depend on to keep track of their favorite websites. It is also referred to as the news feed or feed. Earlier, to keep track of updates on your favorite website, you had to bookmark your favorite sites in your browser and had to visit manually if there were any updates on the sites. RSS allows the users to keep frequent track of their favorite websites without having to visit the website manually each time.

RSS is basically a structured XML document. It includes full or summarized text along with other metadata descriptions such as date of publication, author name etc. The programs like “RSS reader” or “feed reader”, or “aggregator” are used to view the RSS feed, it can be web-based, desktop-based, and even mobile-based. RSS makes it easier for users to subscribe to your content.

RSS Feed benefits

The main advantage of using RSS feeds on your website is to manipulate content according to user’s requirements.
a) Publishing and promoting your own RSS feeds with buttons and links in order to let the users to subscribe to your content. You can keep your readers updated with information relevant to them only. For instance, you can show the live stock price in a ticker on your company site or display the headlines of your latest company news in the About us section.
b) We can publish RSS feeds from other websites & news feeds also. Moreover we can automatically pull in content from other website, categorize them and display in a reader-friendly format accordingly.
c) RSS feed enables the subscribers to receive the updates from blog or website directly into their web browsers, desktop applications, feed readers and other devices. Its not required to remember the website URLs for subscribers.
d) RSS feeds help in building a loyal following around your website and content. The content shared by RSS subscribers over the social media helps in promoting the website.
e) RSS feed enables you to subscribe your favorite websites and read all at one location in your feed reader. RSS feed also lets you sort your reading lists into different categories and groups.

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