Integrate Axis2 and Rampart

| By Webner

Follow these steps to integrate Axis2 and Rampart:

1. Download axis2 from the below link:


2.  Download Rampart.

3.  Set AXIS2_HOME using below commands on terminal:

$ vi /home/user/.bashrc

Add below line to the end of the file:

export AXIS2_HOME=/home/user/Downloads/axis2-1.6.4/
“ /home/user/Downloads/axis2-1.6.4/ ” is the path of the axis2 where you installed Apache Axis2
Check AXIS2_HOME using the command:

$ echo $AXIS2_HOME

Results output in the terminal as:

$ /home/user/Downloads/axis2-1.6.4/

4.  Add rampart module in AXIS2_HOME:
Go to AXIS2_HOME-> conf -> axis2.xml, then edit file axis2.xml as below.

FInd, copy and change reference to rampant as shown below
and save.

5.  Now copy .mar files from rampart folder to AXIS2_HOME->repository->module
Also, all the jar files from rampart/lib to AXIS2_HOME/lib/
Instead of manually copying files, one can directly run build.xml target located in the rampart folder using below command:

$ ant setup

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