Moodle/Totara | Upgrade Moodle database after making changes to a plugin

| By Webner

In one of our Moodle projects, we modified a plugin’s code to add extra functionality to plugin. The modification in plugin’s code was not reflected and Moodle showed the older version of plugin.

To solve this problem, we upgraded the Moodle database and changes in plugin’s code were reflected.

We can do so by changing the plugin’s version in the version.php file using following steps:

1. Navigate to version.php file in your main plugin directory.

2. Find out the line:

$plugin->version = 2016031106;

3. The value to be assigned to $plugin->version should be in the following format:


4. For example we can set the above plugin version as:

$plugin->version = 2016031107;

5. Login to Moodle administrator or just refresh the homepage (if already logged in).

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