How can you clear Totara Theme Cache by following different ways?

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Totara Theme

As we know, the theme is the main part of Totara. We can customize the totara-site look (colors, fonts, Icons, etc.) by using the theme features. When you make any changes in any theme, you will have noticed it does not reflect immediately. Totara stores theme cache at the server level. To view recently made changes, we will have to clear the theme cache.

There are many ways to clear the theme cache. You can follow any method in which you feel comfortable.

  1. This is a quick way to clear the cache. If the changes need to be applied once, this method is more preferable.

    For example:

    When you select a new theme for your site and want to apply changes made in the selected theme at once, then you can follow this way.

    1. Log in as an administrator
    2. Now, Go to Site administration > Themes > Theme selector.
    3. The “Clear theme caches” button will be shown on the “Theme Selector” screen. Press this button to clear theme caches.
  2. This method is similar to the first method for clearing the cache. The only difference is that the first method removes only theme caches and the second method clears full site caches.

    1. Log in as an administrator.
    2. Go to Site administration > Development
    3. Now, you will see the “Purge all caches” button on that screen. Click this button to clear the cache.
  3. While developing themes, developers have to customize the theme code continuously. This option is suitable for developers because it clears the cache automatically on page refresh. For production sites, this option is not recommended because it will affect your site’s performance if it’s enabled.

    1. Log in as an administrator.
    2. Go to Site administration > Themes > Theme settings.
    3. Now, you can see the “Theme designer mode” option on this page. Click this checkbox and save the data by clicking the “save changes” button.

According to your requirements, you can follow any method. As I said, Totara keeps cache data on the server level. You can also remove the cache file of your theme which will be located at “[moodledata]/localcache/theme”.

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