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Dynamically applying specific Layout to a record on VF page in Salesforce

Author - Umang Pasricha

Dynamically applying specific Layout to a record on VF page in Salesforce

You may need a specific layout to show in a tab for a particular record (like account settings). For this, we can fetch ‘Metadata’ field from Field Definition with SOQL using Tooling API. In Read more…

Install Microsoft Powershell in Ubuntu

Author - Navneet Kashyap

How to install Powershell in Ubuntu:

PowerShell is Microsoft proprietary and it is a task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft consisting of a command-line (shell) and associated scripting language but Microsoft provides ways to use this in linux environment also.

Installation via Read more…

How to Detect Mobile devices in php

Author - Gopi Garg

Detect mobile device php code

We often need to detect if site visitor is using an iPad, a smartphone or any other mobile device in order to change website appearance and even make it faster by reducing data load. Normally we use the media queries and Read more…

Responsive DevExtreme Grid Toolbar

Author - Varun Chopra

Introduction – Responsive DevExtreme Grid Toolbar

DevExtreme is a powerful web development framework with a vast array of data presenting and formatting capabilities. It is developed by DevExpress to make responsive and platform independent application. DevExtreme makes the web development swift and easy with its rich features Read more…

Salesforce SOAP and Bulk API Integration in PHP

Author - Ashish Gautam

Implementing Salesforce SOAP and Bulk API Integration in PHP

Salesforce SOAP API:
Salesforce SOAP API is a coding method to use our Org’s information with the help of inbuilt functions and SOQL query. With the help of these function, we can access or Read more…

Creating custom plugins in wordpress

Author - Mamta Sharma

How to Create a custom plugins in wordpress

What is a WordPress plugin:
A plugin in WordPress is a small software app that can be added to a WordPress site to extend its functionality and to add new features to it without changing its Read more…

Adding multiple filters to the query dynamically in Laravel

Author - Komal Dhiman

Laravel: Adding multiple filters to the query dynamically

There may be some situations when the user has the facility to apply some filters on a set of objects. For Example – when we visit the e-commerce sites, there are certain filters like price range, brand, sort Read more…

Class ‘App\Controller\Aws\S3\S3Client’ not found error in CakePHP 3.*

Author - Kailash Kumar

How to resolve “Class ‘App\Controller\Aws\S3\S3Client’ not found” error in CakePHP 3.*

Problem: Class ‘App\Controller\Aws\S3\S3Client’ not found error occurs when we are trying to create S3Client class object with given code (code copied from github):

$s3 = new Read more…

How to create Bootstrap dropdowns in Bootstrap v4

Author - Varun Chopra

Creating Bootstrap dropdowns in Bootstrap v4

Dropdowns are used to display lists of links, names etc. Bootstrap dropdowns can be toggled by clicking on it.

1.Create a file with .html extension.
2.Include bootstrap css and js version 4 CDN link in Read more…

Using Laravel Eloquent ORM

Author - Umang Pasricha

Introduction to Laravel Eloquent ORM


Eloquent ORM is an Object Relational Mapper that interacts with the database. It is a package separate from laravel so can be used outside the laravel too. It implements active record pattern. Laravel Eloquent ORM uses Object-Oriented Read more…

Sort query result according to search conditions in CakePHP 2.

Author - Kailash Kumar

How to sort query result according to various search conditions in fetch query of CakePHP 2.

Problem: Priority based sorting of records

Example: Search a string (“Proposalways StudySection”) and display records in following order:

Contain all words (“Proposalways StudySection”) in Read more…

Using Breadcrumbs in Laravel

Author - Mahesh Kumar

How to add Breadcrumbs to your Website in Laravel

Breadcrumbs are links used to track and navigate in the website. Generally every page is considered as a link and is arranged in hierarchical order at the top of the website.

We can use breadcrumbs to track Read more…

Handle data from .msg file parsed by IndependentSoft’s msg.net package

Author - Varun Chopra

Handle data from .msg file parsed by IndependentSoft’s msg.net package

IndepentSoft’s MSG.NET package is used for parsing of outlook .msg files for reading the contents of file and which can be used to display contents on screen or in our custom viewer Read more…

iCal format for different frequency of events

Author - Webner

Format for various type of event occurrence in iCal

Description: Calendar events can be of multiple types like which can occur on daily basis, weekly, monthly or on custom days of the same month. So, followings are the ways how we can use these types of Read more…

Salesforce – How to do it right

Author - Varun Chopra

Salesforce – How to do it right

Moving on from managing your customer relationships in a worksheet and deciding to do that in a CRM system like Salesforce is a big step forward. If you have already taken that step and you are a Salesforce customer, congratulations Read more…

Document Your API with “Doxygen Tool”

Author - Varun Chopra

Problem: Document Your API with “Doxygen Tool” | SOAP web services using spring jax-ws package (ubuntu 14.04)

Solution: Documenting any API is prerequisite if we are exposing our api web services to the third party to make them easily understandable to the outside world. Documenting Read more…

Understanding PHP CS-FIXER with example

Author - Gopi Chand

Steps to Understand PHP CS-FIXER with example


The PHP coding standards fixer tool is used to solve many issues (syntax, indentation etc) in your code when you want to follow the PHP coding standards defined in PSP-1 and PSR-2 Documents Read more…

Moodle Windows installation using XAMPP | Common Issues

Author - Varun Chopra

Common Issues faced during Moodle Windows installation using XAMPP

1. Do not have permissions to create a database or MySQL database is too old.

Xampp uses the Mariadb database (based upon MySql), if during installation above issue occurs then:

a. go to the c:\xampp\htdocs Read more…

How to Change Innodb storage Format for Moodle/Totara

Author - Varun Chopra

Steps to Change Innodb storage Format for Moodle/Totara

Description: You may face this problem in Totara:

Advanced Totara features require innodb Barracuda storage format

Reason: The error usually occurs because of Mysql 5.6 and below using file format “Antelope”. This format cannot handle more Read more…

What is the purpose of multiple .htaccess files in CakePHP?

Author - Varun Chopra

Purpose of multiple .htaccess files in CakePHP

In Cakephp, contained .htaccess files are as follows:


1. newcakeproject/.htaccess

CakePHP root directory .htaccess redirects everything to your CakePHP app (means to webroot). We can also redirect the url to some Read more…

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