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Selenium | how to upload a csv file with Selenium script

Author - Namisha

In this post I will give an example of how to upload a csv file with Selenium script to a webpage. Below is the screenshot of webpage:

Code to automatically select a csv file and then click Submit button is given below. Go through the comments in the code.
package Read more…

How to show slanted text and images using CSS?

Author - Parminder Kaur

Slanted text and Images in CSS for different browser is given by transform property in CSS. We need to specify the angle by which to slant the image or text. Angle can be negative or positive. Positive angle inclines the image in clockwise direction and negative angle inclined it in Read more…

Salesforce | Trap incoming email and extract email content with attachments in salesforce

Author - Kiran Preet

Problem: Trap incoming email and extract email content with attachments in Salesforce
Solution: Salesforce provides us a mechanism to trap incoming emails on a specific email id and extra email contents including attachments out of it. To achieve this we need to follow these steps:

1 Read more…

PHP | Load Data Infile to insert csv data into Mysql with PHP

Author - Webner

Problem: How to insert csv data into mysql table with mysql query in php. What problems usually you face with this and how to resolve them.

Description: I have csv file with thousands of records. I want to insert these records in mysql table with php Read more…

Moodle/Totara | Creating a new Activity Plugin

Author - Webner

Introduction: In Moodle/Totara we can add a different type of activities to a course by selecting from the list of standard activities available. As shown in the the list below:

But there might be some cases in which we need to add a custom activity to a Read more…

CSS | Animate elements in background screen

Author - Neelam

We can move elements on background screen using CSS properties.

Below @keyframes rule specifies the animation code and “movement” gives a name to the animation:
@keyframes movement {
0 % {
background – position: 0 px 0 px,
0 px 0 px,
0 px 0 px
50 % {
background – color: #FFA07A
100 % {
background – position: 500 Read more…

Java | difference among return, continue, break and System.exit in Java

Author - Webner

Question: What is the difference between return, continue, break and System.exit statements in Java?

Answer: The differences among these 4 statements are described here Read more…

Selenium | Data Driven Framework to read csv data

Author - Webner

During testing, I had a test case to add multiple employees automatically with selenium script so I have implemented Data Driven Framework. Using this we have to read the data from the CSV and register all the users in the system.

Note:  We need to add a jar Read more…

Eclipse SVN | Working Copy XXXX Locked during commit

Author - Webner

When you do svn update or commit in Eclipse you may face this problem- “working copy xxxxx locked”

Solution: Sometimes the problem can be solved with “project cleanup” or “move the project to some other location without .project and .svn files”. But you may have to solve it Read more…

Enum in Java

Author - Richa

What is Enum/Enumeration?

Enum/Enumeration is a data type in Java which is used to store a fixed set of constant values. For example, number of days in a week or a set of arithmetic operators (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) or status of a customer’s bank account Read more…

Java | Deep cloning object containing list of other objects

Author - Harleen Kaur

Suppose you have a class like this:
public class Student {
private String name;
private int rollNumber;
private int grade;
private List subjects;

This is the Subject class

public class Subject {
private String sName;
You have an object sObj1 of Student class and it also contains a list of subjects assigned Read more…

Hadoop | Creating and running Mapreduce Programs in Eclipse and from Command line

Author - Webner

We can create and run the java Mapreduce programs in Eclipse as well as from command line.
Using Eclipse – For Eclipse first we have to install the plugin for hadoop mapreduce which inherits the libraries required to implement the mapreduce functionality. After this we have to build the path which Read more…

Java | static blocks

Author - Webner

Static Blocks: Static block is used to initialize the static data members. It is executed before main method and constructor at the time of classloading. A class can have any number of static initialization blocks and they can appear anywhere in the class body. The runtime system guarantees Read more…

Java | Variables in Java Interfaces

Author - Webner

In Java we have a concept called interfaces.A Java interface is same like a class, except a Java interface cannot contain an implementation of the methods, we have only signature of the method.It has static constants data member.

Can interfaces contain variables?
Yes, Interface can contain only Read more…

Lambda Expression in Java 8

Author - Neha Mishra

A lambda expression is a new feature that has been added to Java 8.
It is a function declared inside a method to which we can pass arguments as well as fetch lambda expressions in the form of return value of a function.

This feature is a way to Read more…

WordPress | Dynamically generating ADF XML format of the form submission

Author - Komal


ADF XML format stands for Auto-lead Data Format XML that is an automotive retailing industry standard data delivery format for import and export of automotive customer leads.

This format is used as a way to format the customer data so that the heterogeneous systems Read more…

Salesforce | SOQL OFFSET clause is not supported in this organization

Author - Webner

In Salesforce, we can limit the records returned by the soql query using LIMIT and OFFSET clauses. In our case where we tried to fetch salesforce Product records by using “Salesforce Rest API” using the following query:
$query = “Select unitprice,,,product2.description,product2.ProductCode from pricebookentry Read more…

PHP | core.php and some important settings

Author - Manju Kashyap

In CakePHP application, core.php is configuration file and is located at app/Config/core.php. This file contains various variable definitions and constant definitions that alter the behavior of the application. The description of some important variables and their effect on the application is given below:

Debug:Read more…

Moodle | This page should automatically redirect

Author - Shalini

In my plugin code I was trying to redirect from one page to another page using redirect as follows:
Redirecting to the other page was working but during redirection an intermediate page was being displayed like this:

On click of continue button, it was redirecting Read more…

HTML Media Capture

Author - Shalini

How to access Camera and upload the image/video to server?

We can achieve above requirements easily by using HTML Media Capture :
<form action=”upload.php” method=”post” enctype=”multipart/form-data”>

Capture Image: <input type=”file” name=”uploadedfile” accept=”image/*” capture=”camera”>

<input type Read more…

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