Assure vs Ensure vs Insure

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Insure vs Ensure vs Assure

In insurance which one is the right word when it comes to Assure vs Insure?  When you want to make something certain which one do you pick from Assure vs Ensure? It can get confusing, right? Here’s some help in this post:

Insure means to cover the risk through an insurance policy.

Ensure mean to guarantee or make something certain

Assure means to give hope or to give the confidence for something

Let’s try to go through some examples.

e.g. 1 – I will guarantee that money is arranged. And I want you to give me the confidence that money will be spent wisely. 

It can be written as:

I will ensure that money is arranged. And I want you to assure me that money will be spent wisely. 

e.g. 2 – Kindly make it certain that truck leaves with the bikes loaded in it. Also cover the risk during transit through an insurance company.

It can be written as:

Kindly ensure that truck leaves with the bikes loaded in it. Also get the bikes insured through an insurance company .

e.g. 3 – Volatility guarantees that the business to cover the risk of possible loss in stock market through insurance has no hope of being successful

It can be written as:

Volatility ensures that to insure the risk of possible loss in stock market has no assurance of being successful

Hope it helps.


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