Importance of Website for Business – Part 3

In previous 2 posts in this series we covered benefits of having a website for your business and difference between Responsive and Non-Responsive website. We also shared some stats on how small business presence on Internet is going up.

In this third and final post of “Importance of Website for Business” series, we will cover technical part, which means software development part. We will briefly go through understanding static websites, dynamic websites and various technologies that are being used to develop websites.

Static vs Dynamic Websites

 First of all let’s understand the difference between Static and Dynamic websites. In the past most of the websites were static websites which means they were primarily to convey information about business and its services to users. But these sites were not able to interact with the user for operations like storing user specific information (like user credentials, user profile, products ordered etc). These websites were limited in the sense that addition of features like emails, user registration, product search, change in pricing, discount offers and price adjustments, online ordering etc were not possible. Therefore with time, business users moved to dynamic websites which allow all of these additional features, primarily with the help of a database at the backend that helps store all the user specific information.

Various technologies to build the website

 Most of the websites are built either over a Content Management System (like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), an E-commerce platform (like Shopify, Magento) or with the help of a programming language/framework (like Core PHP, CakePHP, Java Servlets+JSP, Struts, Spring, .NET etc). Technology decision depends on purpose and personal choice.

If you want to build a standard corporate website which will have pages like About Us, Contact Us, Our Services, Our Products, Office Locations and a responsive menu to make it look great on both mobiles and laptops then CMS will be the best option. There are a lot of good looking responsive themes available for attractive look in almost every CMS. Development of a website over a CMS system is generally less expensive and less time consuming as well.

If you want to go a step further and you need a website like or Ebay, so that you could display your products, let the user browse and search them, add to cart, make online payments and track orders etc, then your needs can be met with E-Commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento and Woocommerce.

 Beyond this, if your needs are very specific, you want a custom look & feel for your site, complex navigation flow, access restrictions based on login rights, reporting capabilities, advanced interaction with the user etc then you need a custom website which can be developed in any of the server side technologies like Core PHP, CakePHP, Codeigniter, Java Servlets+JSP, Struts, Spring, .NET etc. You need more expert programmers in this case, a database server (like Mysql, MS SQL server, Oracle etc) and it takes a bit longer to develop these websites. But they are very powerful and exactly meet your needs.

Some Examples

Some Popular Websites Developed in WordPress



2. Aqua Hotels and Resorts


3. Sweden’s Official website

Some popular websites developed in Joomla


1. eBay


2. The Hill



Some Popular Websites Developed in Drupal






 Some Popular Websites developed in PHP


1. Gamestop


2. Petsmart



The Raw Food World


Examples of  Websites developed in Java


1. Amazon

2. Walmart


3. Barnesandnoble



Hope this introduction has helped you in understanding the importance of a website for your business. We are at your service to assist you in development of your website if you need help.

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