Why React JS is popular?

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React JS

React is an Open Source JavaScript library for making User Interface or UI components. It is developed by Facebook to create attractive web applications fast with minimal code. React components allow the developer to break the complex module into small and reusable parts of the code.

Here are a few reasons for React becoming popular so quickly:

  • React is an agent between the developer and the real browser. React gives the ability to work with a virtual browser. It is more friendly than a real browser.
  • React is like Javascript. There are APIs and few functions to learn and how they can be used in it. Javascript skills developer becomes a better and productive React Developer.
  • React enables the developer to describe their User Interface and model state of functions, then React takes care of the User interface and updates when a transaction happens.
  • JSX is the primary great feature in React. JSX is a JavaScript XML or JavaScript Extension. It is rendering the HTML components easily. The developer can make a UI easily and it will show in a real browser.
  • React uses Virtual DOM, which makes applications fast. Virtual DOM helps to allow ReactJs to exactly re-render and helps to know when to ignore the specific DOM because it can detect when data is changed.
  • HTML and CSS in Reactjs is Js. Everything in ReactJs is expressed by JSX and also manages the CSS inside the JS as well.
  • For a new developer, it is easy to learn React, it only needs to learn HTML and JS. Other languages like Angular have concepts to learn. React is easy to learn Instead of Angular.
  • JavaScript applications are not having the feature of being search engine friendly. React is run on the server, the virtual DOM rendered, and returned to the web page. It really helps search engines to crawl and its main page is built with React.
  • React uses One-way Data binding, it means that application data flows in one way. Data is passed from parent to child components through props. The child component communicates with parents components to update the state with a call back function.
  • ReactJs is component-based. A web page is divided into various modules called components. Components Logic is written in javascript.
  • ReactJs is an ideal facility for web and mobile development with the same structure or pattern. React and JavaScript Integration builds UI native applications in Android and IOS platforms in React Native.
  • React provides us another unique Abstraction layer, which means the end-user doesn’t allow access to the complex internals. React developers are free from the MVC, MVP, MVVM.
  • React contains many other rich modules and a vibrant ecosystem. Developer finds many ready-made modules and customize the charts graphics and the other components, and build apps in less time.

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