Ubuntu | How to avoid typing full ssh command to connect to remote server

| By Webner

If you are using ssh (Secure shell ) to connect to remote server, typing long ssh commands in the terminal is unsecure and tedious job.

Following is the better and secure way to do this :

Just create a file with name config (without any extension ) inside your_home/.ssh folder (~/.ssh).

Add entry for each host you want to connect in the config file.

The General format of config file is :

Host customName
HostName (type your remote host name here)
User name of the remote user

Now to run it from Ubuntu terminal :


 ssh customName

If you have key then it will connect via key and if you have password it will ask for password. After this, your machine will be connected to the remote machine.

With above steps, you need not to type ssh username@hostname in the terminal. It will make your credentials secure as well.

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