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Big Objects in Salesforce

Author - Harinder Jakhar

Purpose of Big Objects and how to create Big Objects in Salesforce

What is Big Object in Salesforce?

As business grows data of customers/clients/users increases enormously which is hard to handle and query. In this case we need something big Read more…

Create Post Install Script in SalesForce

Author - Harinder Jakhar

How to create Post Install Script in SalesForce

A post install script is an Apex class which is executed when a package is installed or upgraded. This class implements the InstallHandler interface. This interface has a method named as onInstall which specifies what Read more…

Create Salesforce Custom Object Using Apex Code

Author - Neha Mishra
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Salesforce custom object using apex code

There are two ways of creating a custom object and its related fields in Salesforce. The first and the easiest way is to go to the Objects link beneath Create tab, click on the new button and create a new Read more…