Etag Header in API Response

Author - Manju Kashyap

What is ETag header and how it works?

ETag stands for entity tag. Etag Header is a response header element which provides a mechanism to cache the unchanged resources. Whenever we make an API call, we can use this header value to track if Read more…

Salesforce SOAP and Bulk API Integration in PHP

Author - Ashish Gautam

Implementing Salesforce SOAP and Bulk API Integration in PHP

Salesforce SOAP API:
Salesforce SOAP API is a coding method to use our Org’s information with the help of inbuilt functions and SOQL query. With the help of these function, we can access or Read more…

Document Your API with “Doxygen Tool”

Author - Varun Chopra

Problem: Document Your API with “Doxygen Tool” | SOAP web services using spring jax-ws package (ubuntu 14.04)

Solution: Documenting any API is prerequisite if we are exposing our api web services to the third party to make them easily understandable to the outside world. Documenting Read more…

Introduction to WordPress REST API

Author - Mamta Sharma

WordPress REST APIs – Introduction and Example

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a piece of software that works as a bridge between two different applications.

For example suppose you have to post something on facebook Read more…