Send email using html template in Laravel

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Laravel provides us a facility to send email with custom html template. In order to achieve it, kindly follow the steps below:

1.  Open your mail.php file from config folder and add these details:

2.  After that open your gmail account and go to My Account -> Sign-in & Security. Find Allow less secure apps on that page and turn it on:

3.  Create a new folder in view folder of your project name as email.

4.  Create a new file as a email_template.blade.php in email folder.

5.  Open this file and add custom template format to it. Like this:

You can add css as well in it. {!! $emailBody !!} , {{ $domainName }} are parameters which are passed through the controller function at the time of email sending. If you want to pass html tags with values to email template then use {!! !!} this instead of {{ }}.

In email sending function – Mail::send:

* First parameter is email template name with view name in which template is placed.

Like: ’email.email_template’

  • But if you are passing html from controller to email template then use

  [‘html’ => ’email.email_template’].

*Second parameter is email body

*Third one is message function with parameters like from, to, subject etc. :

On execution of the function, email is sent. Check the specified receiver’s email account, you will see an email like:



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