Selenium IDE | Switch automation process to new browser window after link click

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Selenium IDE: (How to copy a link from a webpage and opening it in a new window and switch the automation process to new window).

Problem: In Selenium IDE we were required to copy a visible link on a webpage, open it in a new window and switch the automation process to a new window.

Solution: Follow the steps:

1. Right-click on the link and click on Inspect element and find the id of the link.

2. Now in Selenium IDE window add Command → storeValue, Target → Id of the link i.e.(id=signupUrl) and in Value → new link.

storeValue: Command is used to store the link or value present in an element or Id.
id=signupUrl: Location of new link.
Value: Use to store the link with new name.

3. Add new row and add Command → openWindow, Target → $(newlink)

openWindow: For opening new window
$(newlink): Stored link to be open.

4. To run further process in new Window add new row with Command → selectWindow , Target → User

selectWindow: Used to switch window.
User: Title of new window.

5. Now run the script it will copy and store your link and open it in new window and further automation process will also continue in a new window.

Please find screenshot below:

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