Selenium | Unable to launch the latest Firefox browser 54.0 with Selenium 3

| By Webner

Problem: I was unable to launch the latest Firefox browser 54.0 with Selenium 3

Solution: Earlier I was using the Firefox version 43.0 and I was able to launch the Firefox properly with my selenium script. But recently I have updated my Firefox browser from 43 to latest 54.0. After updating the Firefox when I ran my script Firefox browser did not get launch. I was unable to find the reason why this problem is occurring after updating my Firefox browser.

I searched the solution on Google and came to know that Selenium does not launch the Firefox browser if its version is greater than 43.0. I have to run my selenium script so I searched more on Google that how I can launch my latest Firefox browser with Selenium script. During the search, I found that I have to install the Geckodrivers for launching the latest Firefox. I downloaded the Geckodriver from the below link according to my system requirement:

After installing Geckodriver, extract it and give the path of this driver in your script like below:

System.setProperty(“webdriver.gecko.driver”,”path to geckodriver.exe”);

Note: If you are using Selenium 2 then no need to set the above property. It needs to be set only if you are using Selenium 3.

After downloading the Geckodriver and setting the property in my selenium script I am able to launch the latest firefox without any problem.

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