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Sorting Alphanumeric Data in PHP

Author - Kritika Sood

While fetching data from database, in SQL query I had ‘order by’ clause but the results were not sorted when the data was in alphanumeric form. The reason for this is that SQL sorts character by character from left to right. So it places c10 before c2 as 1&lt Read more…

Why Hadoop and Big Data are getting popular

Author - Webner

Surprisingly, over 90% of the data in the world today has been created only in the last couple of years. With the revolution in mobile industry, social media networks, sharing of digital photos and videos online we are continuing to grow the world’s data at lightning speed. To manage Read more…

CakePHP | How to handle special characters (like apostrophes) in queries

Author - Ishpreet Kaur

Let us take an example:

We have table employees with following fields:

id int primary key,

name varchar(50),

city varchar(50)

We have following records in the table:

(1, isha, amr);

(2, Hamlet’s, ghy);

(3, éhjj, amr);

2nd and 3rd records have special characters in their Read more…

Salesforce | Data Loader Application error about upgrade to TLS 1.1 or Higher

Author - Ashish

You may receive receive error in Salesforce Data Loader Application about upgrade of TLS 1.1 or Higher. To resolve this issue follow these steps:

Step 1: Install latest version of Java.

Step 2: Goto setup in Salesforce > type Data Loader in Quick find and download and install the latest Read more…

Java Spring | org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanDefinitionStoreException

Author - Neha Mishra

ERROR : Context namespace element ‘annotation-config’ and its parser class :

[org.springframework.context.annotation.AnnotationConfigBeanDefinitionParser] are only available on JDK 1.5 and higher

Description : My project is using :

server – Tomcat8
java- 1.8
Framework – Spring 2.5

I had added all the jar files required Read more…

Bootstrap | Introduction to Font Awsome icons

Author - Neelam

Font Awesome is an icon set that contains different scalable vector icons. There are many different types of icons that come with Font Awesome: social media, UI/web-related, and more!
Font Awesome gives us flexible vector icons that we can be customized according to our requirement. We can change Read more…

Why HTML tables are discouraged and HTML DIVs are promoted?

Author - Webner

Sometimes we have a choice to use <table> tag or <div> tag but there are many advantages of using <div> tag over <table> tags.

Firstly when browser loads a table it waits for entire table text to reach browser side so it Read more…

Support Plan Content

Author - Webner

Support Plans

IT support has become important for every business company, no matter what is the size of business. Some companies do not tie up with any IT company for maintaining their IT infrastructure as they feel they can take care of it themselves (or Read more…

MySQL | Unable to create foreign key between two tables

Author - Webner

We have two tables say table1 and table 2. In table 1, there is a field named Id and this field is set as primary key in table 1. We want to use it as foreign key in table 2.

Fields in both the tables:
Table 1
Id Read more…

PostgreSQL | Create a connection to a local postgres database in pgAdmin |||

Author - Ishpreet Kaur

Steps to create a connection to a local postgres database in pgAdmin ||| :

1. Make sure PostgresSql and its components should be installed in ubuntu system.
2. Check what databases are available in postgresSql through terminal
3. Login to PostresSql server in terminal using following command:
sudo -u postgres psql
With Read more…

MySQL | How to support European characters on database level

Author - Parminder Kaur

European characters like è é å ñ ü ,à, è, ì, ò, ù – À, È, Ì, Ò, Ù, ™, © ,• , ∑, α, β, «, » do not get inserted correctly in MySQL by default. To fix it, we need to change the character set (fixed collection of symbols) and collation (set of rules that determine how data is sorted and compared).

To insert and retrieve european characters change character set to utf Read more…

MYSQL | #1293 – Incorrect table definition; there can be only one TIMESTAMP column with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

Author - Ishpreet Kaur

Suppose we want to have columns created_date and last_modified_time with default timestamp in any table in MySQL/Phpmyadmin.

Let us take an example of Students table.

Create table Students using following query :
CREATE TABLE students(
first_name varchar(20) NOT NULL,
last_name varchar(20) NOT NULL Read more…

CakePHP | How to implement Internationalization in CakePHP 3.X

Author - Rita

To implement Internationalization, CakePHP will pick all your strings which start with “__(“ double underscore ) and generate a default file for you.

For Example: one of the strings defined in our project is as below:
echo __ ( ‘ Gift Cards Not available’ );
Replace all your normal string with (__ Read more…

Selenium | How to perform search with Selenium script

Author - Namisha

In this post I will give an example of how to perform search with Selenium script on a webpage. Below is the screenshot of the webpage:

Code to automatically enter a keyword “paint” in the textbox and then click Search button (or enter key) is given below. Go through the Read more…

PHP | Convert Special Characters to HTML entities without using htmlspecialchars( ) function

Author - Kritika Sood

We can’t use special characters like >,<,”,’ etc directly in code because browser mixes these characters with HTML tags and gets confused. So we can use HTML entities if we want to use special characters in our code.

Below are some common entities which we can use Read more…

Bootstrap | How to show Caret symbol on hover event

Author - Rita

How to show Caret symbol on hover event in the Bootstrap navigation bar as shown in the figure below:

Solution: We created a bootstrap navigation bar with ul and li tags. One of the li element within the ul for reference is given below:
<ul class=”row Read more…

How to access javascript array in php on submit

Author - Kritika Sood

Suppose you have a Javascript array and want to send it to the server side on page submit then you can use this method.

Suppose we have a Javascript array with 3 elements:
var test = [“test1”, “test2”, “test3”];
Now create a hidden variable in HTML. This variable will Read more…

PHP – Possible reasons of “Allowed memory size exhausted” error

Author - Rita

Most of the times when we get memory exhausted error, we normally think that the memory allocated for php program execution in php.ini file is not sufficient and raise this limit to try to fix the error.

However, code inefficiency could be the reason behind the error. Some examples Read more…

Selenium Webdriver | Locating elements

Author - Webner

Selenium Webdriver lets us locate elements in a web page in many different ways. Some of them are:

By id: If the HTML element to be located has a unique id one can use this id to locate the element in the code. Java statement for this will Read more…

How to add combobox in editable datagrid using jQuery EasyUI

Author - Webner

Following is the code to add Combobox in editable data grid:

<table id=”dg” title=” Combobox in editable datagrid ” style=”width:100%;height:700px”
toolbar=”#toolbar” pagination=”true” rownumbers=”true” fitColumns=”false” singleSelect=”true” autoSave=”true” data-options=”pageSize:50″>
&lt Read more…

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