Adobe Captivate | Mathematical Symbols and Expressions

Author - Webner

How to add exponents in Adobe Captivate 9

In one of our Adobe Captivate projects, we had a requirement to add mathematical exponents. Here is what we wanted to achieve:

Writing “x raised to the power of 2” (exponents)

Look at the following image:

In the above image options A Read more…

Adobe Captivate | How to add quiz questions into question pool

Author - Webner

Adobe Captivate is a tool which helps in creating attractive E-learning content such as courses and quizzes. One of the most useful feature that Adobe captivate provides to its user is question pool. Quiz questions can be added to question pools and these question pools can be used to Read more…

CSS/jQuery- Fading out text inside a div and moving the effect as the text scrolls down

Author - Richa

Requirement:- Sometimes we come across the requirement to fade out the text displayed on a webpage horizontally and want the DIV containing text scrollable.

For Example:

The requirement usually comes when there is a large amount of text on the webpage and you want to let the user know that Read more…

CakePHP 3.x or 2.x | Some important configuration settings

Author - Rita

Some important settings that can help you while working with CakePHP 3 or 2.

1. How to set Homepage for your website in CakePHP 3?

Go to the root directory of your project. You will see config folder there. Inside Config
folder, open routes.php file. Add below the line Read more…

Java | Check if JSON field has a value before extracting

Author - Webner

We are using Json to retrieve value of a field from Json object but when field has no value it gives an error. For example from Blackboard LMS we can retrieve value of email field from JSON object with this code:

And if Read more…

AssignTo method in apex (Salesforce)

Author - Kiran Preet

AssignTo method is a getter method in Salesforce. It is used to assign the value of an attribute to a class variable in the associated custom component controller. Getter and Setter methods or a property with get and set values must be defined, if this attribute is to be used Read more…

iCal attachment introduction

Author - Kailash

What is iCal attachment

iCal attachment isn event that we put into the email so that when the receiver will click the it, an event will be added to his calendar. It looks like this in email:

Example of iCal attachment format for IPL Match on Friday 09 Read more…

Selenium | Select item from listbox having dynamic id of options

Author - Webner

In Selenium script if we want to select a value in a dropdown but value of attribute ‘id’ of the options in the dropdown keep on changing every time then we need to find the option based on some other locator instead of ‘id’. In sample code below option is Read more…

Salesforce | Get list of Salesforce sobjects and fields in PHP

Author - Webner

Problem: How to get list of all the Salesforce sobjects in php. Also get fields of each sobject.

Solution: First we need to install Salesforce php toolkit for this. Once you have it then this is the sample code:
require_once(SFDCPHPtoolkit / soapclient / SforcePartnerClient.php ‘);
$mySforceConnection = new Read more…

phpMyAdmin | Different methods to View Table Constraints

Author - Ishpreet Kaur

How to view List of constraints of tables of Database in phpMyAdmin

There are various ways by which we can view the list of constraints applied to tables of given database in PhpMyadmin. Let’s see few methods here:

Suppose we have a database named CollegeDb Read more…

Explanation of Column3 in Moodle/Totara

Author - Kajal Marwaha

Column 3 layout in Moodle is basically dividing the screen into 3 parts .

user setting options Layout (pre )
content layout (region)
editing layout (post)

user setting options Layout (pre): In column3 layout pre region is the first column. This column is at  the left of the content. This Read more…

Purpose of Security.salt and Security.cipherSeed in CakePHP

Author - Ashish

cipherSeed in CakePHP
cipherSeed is used in Security::cipher() function to seed rand(). Seed means to give the initial value to rand() function to start and based on that the future values by rand() function are generated. In php, before 4.2.0 version, Random Number Read more…

Java | Concept of Fail Fast and Fail Safe Iterators

Author - Richa

The terms Fail Fast and Fail Safe iterators come into picture when we deal with Concurrency issue while programming in Java. In Java, while iterating over a collection if multiple threads modify the collection (such as adding a new element, deleting an element or updating the value of an element Read more…

Heroku | The datasource configuration “default” was not found in database.php

Author - Webner

Heroku throwing ERROR: “The datasource configuration “default” was not found in database.php” with database configuration already present for cakephp app.

In one of our cakephp projects hosted on Heroku we used PostgreSql database. For configuring the database to connect to app code we renamed the database.php.default file Read more…

How to convert an object into Json String in Unity3D Script (C#)

Author - Shalini

How to convert an object into JSON String in Unity3D Script (C#)?

Let’s say I have a class:
class User {
String firstName;
String lastName;
String userName;
User obj = new User
firstName = “Shalini”,
lastName = “Vashist”,
userName = “shalini.vashist”
And In
return I need a JSON string like this Read more…

Ajax call example

Author - Webner

How to call ajax function and then fill the data received from server in a table.

Suppose the is html code of view. On change in selection of the dropdown getfun() function is called that will send an ajax call to server:
<div >

<div &gt Read more…


Author - Webner
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Authorization Error after successful login from mobile in salesforce connected app

When a user requests their Salesforce data from within the external application (the consumer’s page), the user must be authenticated by Salesforce.
After login into the native salesforce mobile app using the Oauth login app gives Read more…

How to install .box extension Virtual Machine

Author - Webner

To install and use .box extension machine we have to follow these steps:

1.  Installing Virtualbox:
$ sudo  apt-get install virtualbox
$ sudo apt-get install virtualbox-dkms
2.   Installing vagrant:

Please don’t install the repository version, because this is very old and the Read more…

NetSuite API | operator undefined for search

Author - Neha Mishra

On filtering contacts coming from Netsuite CRM based on last modified date, gives error “operator undefined for search”:

Below is the code that retrieves all the contacts from Netsuite CRM:
ContactSearch custSearch = new ContactSearch();
ContactSearchBasic custSearchBasic = new ContactSearchBasic();
SearchResult result =;
To filter Read more…

CSS3 Viewport units vh, vw, vmin and vmax explained

Author - Kiran Preet

CSS3 Viewport units vh, vw, vmin and vmax explained

Sometimes we need to fit our webpage content into viewport (visible browser window). Some developers achieve this using Javascript by checking the size of viewport and then they resize the content accordingly to fit it in the viewport. When user resizes Read more…

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