Java | Variables in Java Interfaces

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In Java we have a concept called interfaces.A Java interface is same like a class, except a Java interface cannot contain an implementation of the methods, we have only signature of the method.It has static constants data member.

Can interfaces contain variables?
Yes, Interface can contain only public static final variables (by default all defined variables become public static final in Java interfaces since you cannot create objects of interfaces).

Because interface variables are static we can access them using interface name just like we access static variable using class.

Syntax for access interface variable:

For eg:

Interface MyIfc {
    public int number = 20;

System.out.println(“number is & gt; & gt;”.MyIfc.number);

Use of interface variables:

By default every field in interface is public, static and final or in simple word a constant.
So they are a good way to be used as constants in Java.

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