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Integrating CKEditor in a Website

Author - Vikas Dalal

How to Integrate CKEditor in a Website?


CKEditor is a rich text editor with main functionality of generating the html code of everything we write in it. We can CKEditor when we need to store html content with styling into Read more…

Some Tips to write a good professional email

Author - Ritu Narula

How to write a good professional email

1. Keep it Formal: Professional emails should always be kept formal. A little bit of relationship building with the receiver can be accepted but by and large focusing on the professional matter is must.

2. Never Read more…

Importance of promptness in customer service

Author - Ritu Narula

What is customer service?

It is the act of catering to your customer’s needs. The best way to do this is to provide and deliver high quality professional service and assistance to your customers during and as well as after the sale of the product Read more…

SEO tools | 10 free and useful Search engine optimization tools

Author - Chandan Singh

How can we work efficiently with SEO?

SEO tools play an important role in search engine optimization. These tools provide advanced technical ideas about how do we improve the SEO rankings. There are some Search engine optimization tools for this purpose which are as follows:

Read more…

Why Sublime Text is gaining popularity?

Author - Umang Pasricha

Why Sublime Text is gaining popularity over other editors?

Sublime has been the undeniable text editor champion now a days. As the most important and closest thing to a developer is the text editor of their choice and this editor has make a real dent on Read more…

Understanding Work Ethics

Author - Ritu Narula

What does Strong Work Ethic mean?


Ethic is basically the discipline that deals with what is good or what is bad. It has to do with moral duty. Ethic is the set of moral principles related to a specific Read more…

Get the List of Elements in Selenium Script

Author - Manpreet Singh

How to Get the List of Elements in Selenium Script?

List is the collection of similar type of data. You can add, remove, iterate over stuff and can also query how much data is in the List.

Java.util.List is a child interface of Collection Read more…

Introduction to RSS feed and Its Benefits

Author - Harpreet Singh

Introduction to RSS feed and Its Benefits

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It’s the technology that thousands of internet users depend on to keep track of their favorite websites. It is also referred to as the news feed or feed Read more…

Some Tips To Improve Your Coding and Debugging skills

Author - Pawandeep Kaur

List of some Tips to improve your coding and Debugging skills

This post contains some neglected points during programming that developers are mostly reluctant to follow. In my experience some of the most complex projects become uncontrollable due to bad code and wrong programming Read more…

Generate Pdf with Atalasoft that opens in Print Mode in the Browser

Author - Harleen Kaur

How to Generate Pdf with Atalasoft that opens in Print Mode in the Browser?

Atalasoft is a tool for providing Image and Pdf Management related operations for managing and modifying image and image files. We can modify the image and pdf files to apply different type Read more…

6 SEO Strategies for your Website

Author - Chandan Singh

Latest 6 SEO strategies for your Website

The search engine is important for website’s ranking, domain authority and page rank. Google algorithm changes on frequent basis therefore the webmaster needs to change strategies for website. Restraining yourself with basic SEO Read more…

Create Post Install Script in SalesForce

Author - Harinder Jakhar

How to create Post Install Script in SalesForce

A post install script is an Apex class which is executed when a package is installed or upgraded. This class implements the InstallHandler interface. This interface has a method named as onInstall which specifies what Read more…

Integrate Laravel web service with custom alexa skill

Author - Dalbir Kaur

Steps for integrating Laravel web service with custom alexa skill:

Step 1: Your web service should be on secure HTTP connection and should have SSL/TLS. Alexa strictly enforces for this to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Step 2: Open your amazon developer Read more…

What is Visual Studio Code and its advantages

Author - Neelam Thakur

What is Visual Studio Code? What are the advantages of Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code is a source code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and macOS. It is a super fast and lightweight Source Code Editor which can be used to view, edit Read more…

How to setup custom Domain DNS in AWS with office 365 including skype for business

Author - Navneet Kashyap

Steps for setup of custom Domain DNS settings in AWS with office 365 including skype for business

Below are the steps involved to get these settings done.

Step.1 Open office 365 admin console and click Domains under menu “Setup”.

Step.2 Now Click +Add domain Read more…

Install node.js on Linux and Windows

Author - Tanuj Sharma

How to Install node.js on Windows:

You can install node.js for windows from Node.js website as they had provided the installer there. You need to run the .msi installer that is downloaded.
Then Restart your computer as you won’t be able to Read more…

Bootstrap Alert Types

Author - Sahil Bhalla

How to create alerts in Bootstrap:

Bootstrap provides an easy way to display the information or create predefined alert messages on the screen.

In Bootstrap alert is created using .alert class for example :
<div class=”alert alert-success”>

Bootstrap alert has Read more…

WordPress best practices

Author - Kajal Marwah

WordPress is a cms (content management system) which contains different type of content including images, video and text. I think we all need to know about some of the best practices while developing in WordPress.

Before development of a website some of the best practices to follow are these Read more…

Role of Software Developer in Testing

Author - Umang Pasricha

The one who has both qualities of a developer and a tester is known as a professional Software Developer. Most common terms used for such job titles are: SET (Software Engineer in Test) and SDET, (Software Development Engineer in Test). The one who is an IT professional and can work Read more…

Mysql access denied error for user root@localhost in XAMPP

Author - Navneet Kashyap

Problem: Mysql access denied error for user root@localhost when using in XAMPP server (windows) even when credentials are correct.

Solution: Actually the problem is not in code, the issue is that by-default mysql in xampp allowed passwordless authentication in mysql, so we have to Read more…