Add floating buttons with simple HTML and CSS

Author - Kuldeep Singh

Add float button with CSS and html without using any external library with on hover show/hide effect.

Mostly people use third party plugins or complex and unnecessary long css to add floating buttons, but we can create the same button with simple css and a single div containing the floating button.

1. Create one div with html :

<div class=”float-button”></div>

2. Add css to adjust button position :

.float-button {
position: fixed;
right: -77px;
top: 270px;
transition: all 0.2s ease-in 0s;//this is the key attribute
z-index: 9999;
cursor: pointer;

3. Add CSS for  hover effect :

.float-button:hover {
right: -7px;//hide it by pushing it off the screen

This will move the button to left with animation.


4. Add button property in the div :

 <button data-toggle="modal" data-target=".your-modal"></button>

5. You can add jquery code for further action on this button onclick property :

<button data-toggle="modal" onclick=”floatButtonClicked()” data-target=".your-modal"></button>

function floatButtonClicked(){

//your code goes here//


This is a simple and easy way to add floating buttons in your website.

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2 responses on “Add floating buttons with simple HTML and CSS

  1. naveen says:

    this doesnt work/…..!!!!

    • Webner says:

      Please share the issue being faced by you and the browser you are using. It is possible the js library is not included, that’s why functions are not executed.

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