What is the National Producer Number and who assigns it?

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National Producer Number:

NPN is a unique NAIC identification number that is assigned through the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s which is used to track individuals and business entities. It is assigned through the license application process.

The National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) was established in October 1996 as an independent non-profit affiliate of the NAIC.NIPR (National Insurance Producer Registry) maintains a Producer Database (PDB), which contains all the information about insurance agents and brokers provided by state Departments of Insurance (DOI). The NIPR contains data on Lines of Authority (LOA), National Producer Numbers (NPNs), state licensure, etc.

Producer Database (It contains information about NPN)

Producer Database is the centralized database that contains all the producer licensing information which is provided by the state Departments of Insurance. It contains all the data related to Insurance agents and brokers. This database is updated on a timely basis and made available to the insurance industry.

The PDB also gets data from the Regulatory Information Retrieval System (RIRS)
The main purpose of PDB is to facilitate the ability to track pertinent information regarding licensed producers to ensure increased transparency and uniformity.

These are some of the products available that are used to utilize the data from PDB:

  • PDB Batch Report (PDB Batch)
  • PDB Detail Report (PDB)
  • National Producer Number Report (NPN)
  • Company Specialized Report (CSR)
  • Insurance Carrier Report (ICR)
  • Company Appointment/Termination Report (CAR)

A producer can access their NPN from the following link:

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