Ubuntu | Unable to login, failed to start session

| By Webner

Description:  I am trying to login in my Ubuntu machine. I entered my correct password and it didn’t login me. It showed me “failed to start session” message in red color. I am also not able to login with guest user.

Solution:  This problem occurs when your Unity desktop or your GUI interface Crashes. There are different way to recover.

When you are on login screen press Ctrl+Alt+F1 for GUI (Graphical User Interface) to access CLI (Command line interface). Here type username and password. You will successfully login.

Now to fix your desktop type following command:

$sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

Ubuntu: Desktop package is by default Interface in Ubuntu. If it already installed try to reinstall it by this:

$sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop

After reinstall reboots your system:

$reboot or sudo init 6

Alternate Method: Try some other GUI for Ubuntu gnome by using this command:

$sudo apt-get install gnome

It will install new GUI for the System.

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