Etag Header in API Response

Author - Manju Kashyap

What is ETag header and how it works?

ETag stands for entity tag. Etag Header is a response header element which provides a mechanism to cache the unchanged resources. Whenever we make an API call, we can use this header value to track if Read more…

Install Microsoft Powershell in Ubuntu

Author - Navneet Kashyap

How to install Powershell in Ubuntu:

PowerShell is Microsoft proprietary and it is a task automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft consisting of a command-line (shell) and associated scripting language but Microsoft provides ways to use this in linux environment also.

Installation via Read more…

How to Detect Mobile devices in php

Author - Gopi Garg

Detect mobile device php code

We often need to detect if site visitor is using an iPad, a smartphone or any other mobile device in order to change website appearance and even make it faster by reducing data load. Normally we use the media queries and Read more…

Responsive DevExtreme Grid Toolbar

Author - Varun Chopra

Introduction – Responsive DevExtreme Grid Toolbar

DevExtreme is a powerful web development framework with a vast array of data presenting and formatting capabilities. It is developed by DevExpress to make responsive and platform independent application. DevExtreme makes the web development swift and easy with its rich features Read more…

Totara | How to enroll audience to Course or Program

Author - Varun Chopra

Enrolling audience to Course or Program in Totara

Problem: I want to enroll audience in course/program and I do not know that how we can enroll audience in course/program. To enroll an audience in course/program, I have followed the below steps Read more…

Salesforce SOAP and Bulk API Integration in PHP

Author - Ashish Gautam

Implementing Salesforce SOAP and Bulk API Integration in PHP

Salesforce SOAP API:
Salesforce SOAP API is a coding method to use our Org’s information with the help of inbuilt functions and SOQL query. With the help of these function, we can access or Read more…

Creating custom plugins in wordpress

Author - Mamta Sharma

How to Create a custom plugins in wordpress

What is a WordPress plugin:
A plugin in WordPress is a small software app that can be added to a WordPress site to extend its functionality and to add new features to it without changing its Read more…

Tableau development environment setup alternatives

Author - Harshit Gulati

Tableau development environment setup alternatives with and without Data Migration from Development to Production

Development, Test, QA and PRODUCTION – With Data Migration

Description:  Common names for environments for Tableau development are development, test/QA, staging/pre-production, and production. There are typically Read more…