Totara | How to enroll audience to Course or Program

Author - Varun Chopra

Enrolling audience to Course or Program in Totara

Problem: I want to enroll audience in course/program and I do not know that how we can enroll audience in course/program. To enroll an audience in course/program, I have followed the below steps Read more…

Class ‘App\Controller\Aws\S3\S3Client’ not found error in CakePHP 3.*

Author - Kailash Kumar

How to resolve “Class ‘App\Controller\Aws\S3\S3Client’ not found” error in CakePHP 3.*

Problem: Class ‘App\Controller\Aws\S3\S3Client’ not found error occurs when we are trying to create S3Client class object with given code (code copied from github):

$s3 = new Read more…

Invalid value for header \u0067x-ms-request-id\u0067

Author - Harleen Kaur

Resolved Issue

“Invalid value for header \u0067x-ms-request-id\u0067. The header must contain a single valid GUID”

I was facing the issue “Invalid value for header \u0067x-ms-request-id\u0067. The header must contain Read more…

PostgreSQL – Server doesn’t listen error

Author - Manoj Thakur

How to fix PostgreSQL server doesn’t listen error

While trying to connect to Postgress you may face this error – Server doesn’t listen.


This is not an error exactly but an exception that occurs when we are running two Read more…

Big Objects in Salesforce

Author - Harinder Jakhar

Purpose of Big Objects and how to create Big Objects in Salesforce

What is Big Object in Salesforce?

As business grows data of customers/clients/users increases enormously which is hard to handle and query. In this case we need something big Read more…