Some Tips to write a good professional email

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How to write a good professional email

1. Keep it Formal: Professional emails should always be kept formal. A little bit of relationship building with the receiver can be accepted but by and large focusing on the professional matter is must.

2. Never Leave the Subject field blank: A formal/professional email should always contain a subject. In the subject field, write a brief title of what the email is all about.

3. Address the person properly: In a professional email one should never write just ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ without addressee’s name. ‘Hi James’ is better than ‘Hi’.

4. Reply within a timely manner: Never neglect to reply/respond promptly. Even if you are really busy and cannot start working on the email you have received the least you could do is acknowledge that you have received the email and will reply in detail later. This way the sender atleast gets notified that you have seen the email.

5. Organise your email: One should properly organize the facts to be conveyed in the email so that each important point is addressed.

6. Write less but meaningful: The length of the email doesn’t matter but what you write matters. So always write in meaningful and easily understandable way. At the same time do not leave any topic less explained which can cause confusion.

7. Manners are Important: Don’t forget to say “thank you” or “please” whenever it is necessary. Always try and be courteous while writing professional mails.

8. Proofread your email before hitting send button: Once you are done drafting your email re-read it to check for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

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