Selenium IDE: Locate and verify GUI and CSS Elements

| By Webner

While using Selenium Ide, It is very hard to verify the GUI and CSS elements using record and run method. In record and run method you will not be able to use all of the commands due to lack of commands in the web page context menu (Use Right click on an element to see visible commands). To verify the GUI Elements you have to enter commands and locations manually into the IDE as per your requirement.

We have a number of verify commands in selenium IDE which we can use to verify the expected results.

To verify Css element we have verifyVisible and verifyNotVisible commands in Ide.
verifyVisible: verifyVisible command verifies the targeted location is visible on the page or not and this command will return false in log if target location is not present on the page.
verifyNotVisible: verifyNotVisible command will reverse the verifyVisible condition and returns true in log if target location is present on the page.

Similarly, there are other command too to verify your results in IDE like, verifyAlert, verifyAttribute, verifyElementHeight, verifyBodyText and etc.


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