Salesforce | Send daily emails using workflows till the status changes

Author - Shalini

We have a custom object Survey and it has a status field with the values: New, Pending and Purchase. When Survey is in Pending status we want to send email to the user on every second day till the status changes.

Steps to do this task:

1. Create a workflow named “Workflow Rule 1”. Set its evaluation criteria to “created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria” and Rule criteria for Status as Pending:
2. Now create a new field in this custom object as UpdateTriggerDate. In above workflow just update this field value with today’s date:
3. Now create a another workflow rule with name “Workflow rule 2”. In this workflow rule use the same evaluation criteria as “created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria” and Rule criteria to Status as Pending and on newly created field UpdateTriggerDate as Today:
4. Now on immediate action of this rule send email to a user as you required and add time-based rule and set 1 day as the workflow time trigger date:
5. In time based rule create field update task and update UpdateTriggerDate as Today:
6. Now see there will be two tasks in “Workflow rule 2” . One immediate action as send email and another is time based rule as field update:
Just activate both the workflows.

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