QuickBooks Integration | Important Quickbooks Webconnector Facts

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Question: Can we add custom functions in quickbook?

Answer: Yes, In quickbook.php file we need to add Constants to make custom function and we can add as many as we want. After defining these constant we can map these in our web service.

For Example:

Suppose we want to add custom function to get invoice data then we add constant in quickbook.php like this:


Now in our web application we can access this function using map array.

For Example:

$map = array(
QUICKBOOKS_EXPORT_INVOICE_CUSTOM => array( 'request_function', 'response_function'),

Question: Can we get data from multiple modules at a time?

Answer: Yes, We can get data from multiple modules from quick book by sending request tags in xml using request method.

For Example:

Function request_function(){
/<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<?qbxml version="' . $version . '"?>
<QBXMLMsgsRq onError="stopOnError">
<SalesOrderQueryRq >

In above function, we are sending two request to quickbook i.e for invoice and for salesorder.

Question: Web Connector showing error ‘Application requested to abort?

Answer: This error occurs when our script fails to communicate with quickbook. In simple words quickbook rejected to run our script.

Possible Reason: Other user had opened the files in single user mode.
File location or file name has changed.

Question: How to run script without opening quickbook?

Answer: Open Quickbook->Edit->Preference->Integrated Application->Company Preference.
Now select your file and give permission to access file even when quickbook is not open.

Question: How to schedule script for auto run?

Answer: Open web connector, check auto run option and set time interval in minute.

For Example: See the below image:


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