License changes in Devextreme Update – 23.2.x

| By Harleen Kaur

Devextreme Update has come up with major changes to the latest license version. Earlier, the products that were based on Javascript UI components of Devextreme were designed using client libraries Jquery. Vue, React, etc. could be used after downloading from

JBoss 5 Profile Creation Problem – Eclipse

| By Webner

If you face problem “mail.jar not found” on configuring JBoss 5 profile in Eclipse then the reason is JBoss 5 moved server/default/lib*.jar to server/common/lib folder. Fix for this problem is to change jboss5.serverdef under eclipse (${ECLIPSE_HOME}/plugins/org.eclipse.jst.server.generic.jboss_1.5.105.v200709061325/servers on my machine). Replace