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When mobile developers create an application, whether in Android or iOS, they often face challenge of mobile device fragmentation. Mobile device fragmentation in simple words means when an application is not able to run on some devices while it runs fine on others. One such problem developers encounter is where a flipper view uses 6-7 images with different sizes and works properly in most of mobile devices but flipper is not able to show some images on some devices. One reason of this can be that an image in .jpg format has much larger size as compared to other images.

Solution to this problem

To avoid such a problem remember some basic rules of using drawable resources:
1. Try to use images with minimum size recommended in Kilobits(Kb)
2. Maximize use of the images with .png format for background and flipper views.
3. Put images with particular dimensions in their respective folders as :


These folders contain predefined image structure that helps in defining proper dimensioning of images.

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