List of English phrases that can confuse the reader

| By Webner

1. A penny for your thoughts: A way of asking what someone thinks about something.

Example: The new Salesforce Internet of Things (IoT) can be the next big thing, a penny for your thoughts?

2. Back to the drawing board: When an attempt fails and work needs to be started from the beginning.

Example: The code which he wrote did not work and his team is back to the drawing board.

3. Burn the midnight oil: To work late into the night.

Example: He started burning the midnight oil and completed his project in just 2 months.

4. Last Straw: The final problem in a series of problems.

Example: He was already late for work but his last straw was when his car ran out of petrol.

5. On the ball: When someone understands something well.

Example: Just two weeks into the project, the new intern was on the ball.

6. Call it a day: This is used when someone wants to say that work for the day is over.

Example: He was asked to call it a day when they saw him working even after 10pm.

7. Sleep on it: To take time to think about something.

Example: I cannot figure out a solution to the bug reported by you, let me sleep on it and I will get back to you in the evening.

8. Keep me in the loop: To be informed about everything regarding something.

Example: I will not be able to reply your email but keep me in the loop about upcoming website’s features.

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