Images, Content, scrolling and some other functions not working in Google Chrome (Windows)

| By Webner

Problem: I was facing an issue from the last couple of weeks that the images, content, scrolling and some functions were not working in my browser while testing applications but if I try it with going incognito everything looks great. This issue was mainly with Google Chrome. I tried to resolve this problem by clearing cache, cookies and by reinstalling Google Chrome too persisting.

Solution: Problem is windows uninstaller never removes the application completely from the computer. When we install a software on our system, window stores its data in AppData folder. This data is not deleted even when we uninstall the software through windows uninstaller. So to overcome this situation we need to clear all app data of Google Chrome. To do this:-

1.) Press ctrl+R, type appdata and enter.
2.) Then go to Local\Google\Chrome\User Data
3.) Select all the data and delete it. It will clear your all the web browser data along with cookies, cache, history, Passwords etc. Or you can say that it is the way to complete hard reset your web browser. (Note: This process will delete all your plugins, please save and manage your important data before performing it. )

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