Error while installing python packages (pyinstaller)

Author - Manju Kashyap

Error while installing python packages (pyinstaller)

While we were installing pyinstaller as per requirement in our window (8) system, it was causing the following error:
python packages (pyinstaller)

After struggling very much, we found that it was due to conflict with the Perl packages installed on the same machine. So in order to make the installation of pyinstaller working, we had to uninstall perl from the machine (as it was no longer required). But if you do not want to uninstall Perl then you can remove Perl from the path variable and make it as non-variable in system list.

To Uninstall perl: You can simply uninstall any program by navigating to the Control Panel>>Programs and Features tab where you will see the list of all installed programs and you can select and uninstall Perl:
python packages (pyinstaller)

To Remove Perl from path environment variable: To remove or change the path variable:
Step 1: Right click on This PC and select properties:
python packages (pyinstaller)

Step2: Then click on Advanced system settings link, it will open the System Properties window (as shown in the screenshot at the end).

Step3: Click on Environment Variable button and it will again open the next window “Environment Variables”.

Step4: Select Path variable and click on Edit button to finally remove the path for perl i.e. C:\Strawberry\perl\bin; in my case.
python packages (pyinstaller)

Restart the machine to make this change working.

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