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Hadoop | ServerNotRunningYetException and PleaseHoldException

Author - Webner

Problem 1: ERROR: org.apache.hadoop.hbase.ipc.ServerNotRunningYetException: Server is not running yet

While running the hbase shell sometimes we receive Server is Not Running Yet error while our hbase master server is running properly.

Solution: This problem occurs when we fetch the data from the hdfs for hbase Read more…

Hadoop | Creating and running Mapreduce Programs in Eclipse and from Command line

Author - Webner

We can create and run the java Mapreduce programs in Eclipse as well as from command line.
Using Eclipse – For Eclipse first we have to install the plugin for hadoop mapreduce which inherits the libraries required to implement the mapreduce functionality. After this we have to build the path which Read more…

Why Hadoop and Big Data are getting popular

Author - Webner

Surprisingly, over 90% of the data in the world today has been created only in the last couple of years. With the revolution in mobile industry, social media networks, sharing of digital photos and videos online we are continuing to grow the world’s data at lightning speed. To manage Read more…

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