Advanced Threat Protection

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Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Advanced Threat Protection is well known as ATP and it refers to a category of security solutions that protects against sophisticated malware or hacking-based attacks targeting sensitive data. Advanced threat protection solutions can be available as software or as a cloud-based multi-engine sandbox designed to discover and stop unknown, zero-day attacks such as ransomware at the gateway with automated remediation.

There are a large number of security solutions companies offering Advanced threat protection, but it’s difficult to choose the right solution. So in order to clear confusion about different products, you can refer to the agency who performs tests based on market demand and real-world use cases in exactly the same environment which most companies are having these days.

Some major labs who perform security level tests:

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Blow are some live attacks and threats using a world map:

How it works ?
Advanced threat detection (ATD) are used as an extra security approach to examine all communications that standard layers of security controls have allowed to pass, proactively detected threats in order to protect us from potential threats before they have the opportunity to access critical data or breach systems your system and it has great ability to mitigate threats and respond to security incidents.

Benefits of Advanced Threat detection

  • Real-time visibility-The traditional threat protection works slowly, though threats are often detected too late even when damage is already done, but in Real-time visibility it acts proactively and continuous monitoring helps to stop and fix it instantly.
  • Detecting threats across the entire infrastructure-In many cases we have observed, attacks that were not preventable and can cause huge loss to the organisation or individual, so it checks the whole network and detects the culprit before it does further harm.
  • Data awareness-Enterprise data is critical due to its sensitivity and value. Sometimes worm threats work like time bombs and triggers after specific times which are presented in scripts and resides along with your critical data and act after some duration. So it understands the type of data that is relevant to you and your business and wipes out the uneven data and shows you a disclaimer about that before doing that.
  • It is available as software bundled with UTMs / Firewalls or as managed services /cloud services.
    Some of the top providers:
    → Palo Alto Networks WildFire
    → SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection
    → Fortinet FortiSandbox
    → FireEye Network Security
    → IBM Threat Protection System
    → Symantec Advanced Threat Protection

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